Awarded a 5 Star Green Star Rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa

Sable Park has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star – Office v1.1 Design certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa.  This brings to 19 the number of Green Star rated buildings in Century City and eight the number of 5-Star Green Star rated buildings in the burgeoning Bridgeways precinct.

The following ‘external’ and ‘internal’ green building design measures were integrated into the design of the building:

External Measures

The following measures have been included in the development for a lower environmental footprint:

  • The external envelope has been designed to optimise occupant’s comfort while taking advantage of electrical energy savings by maximising the duration of daylight and keeping artificial lights off
  • Shading strategies will be implemented for good building performance providing better indoor comfort for occupants
  • Half of the basement car parking is naturally ventilated – reducing mechanical ventilation for parking and saving energy
  • Fuel efficient parking bays have been provided for tenants for incorporation with their own green transport strategies LED lighting will be used throughout, saving energy and maintenance costs
  • External lighting will be designed to avoid light pollution to the sky
  • Green spaces will be provided to create better water management in the rainy season and to manage water run-off

Internal Measures

A number of green amenities are offered within the building to complement the green building efforts externally. These are focused on occupant comfort and productivity:

  • Energy sub-metering strategy applied for the ease of tracking building energy usage to motivate optimum performance
  • Water efficient fittings, treated recycled water for toilet flushing and smart water meters to reduce your water bill
  • Daylight strategies used with efficient lighting strategies for best indoor lighting performance
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes used for a comfortable and healthy indoor environment
  • Additional commissioning services provided to maintain the functionality of all building systems ensuring optimum performance for the end user and to ensure expected results to the client
  • Treated and safe recycled water is used for toilet flushing – this will reduce municipal water consumption and save on water
  • Tenant exhaust riser provided to eject toxic fumes from printing rooms – this will create cleaner air to breathe
  • Slim line cooling towers are supplied with water from the precinct’s treated and safe recycled water supply – reducing municipal water consumption and providing water savings
  • Internal blinds on all windows for better comfort and reduced glare
  • Balanced healthy natural light to reduce the duration of artificial lighting
  • Low energy LED light fittings with occupancy and daylight sensors